The most exclusive feature of HireGenius is that it evaluates candidates for recruiters and not just suggests names by submitting their resume to the recruiter’s site. It suggests the possible jobs to candidates according to their profile and performance in online skill test.The dynamic representation of resume of candidates makes them visible for the recruiters at different sites simultaneously and on the other hand it leaves a large number of options for the recruiters.

Why RECRUITER Register on HireGenius?

Don’t hire people,hire geniuses

Hiring unevaluated people means taking a risk to waste your resources on a crowd while hiring geniuses means getting candidates perfectly suited to your profile who can work for you in any circumstances.

Publish your jobs on your site too

When you post a job on HireGenius, you can get it’s view from us and can publish the same job opening on your own site. This service is totally free and you get all the informations of visits on your openings free of cost.

Get FREE credit of Rs 5,000

We send emails containing a token which is basically a credit offer token. You have to use the number written on this token and when you sign up or join to us you can use this number to get a free credit of Rs 5,000.

Pay for performance

We don’t charge recruiters just by giving a list of candidates. You will pay only if any candidate applies for your job and it is on per candidate basis. It simply means we charge for our performance not for our contacts.

Review technical intelligence of the candidates

You can review the performance of the candidate in our online skill test who applies for your job. This will certainly help you to judge whether his eligibility suits your criteria or not.

Why candidate Register on HireGenius?

Get jobs that suits your skills

When you submit your resume to HireGenius your key skills are recorded and it is compared with the jobs posted by recruiters. Whenever any match is found, the job opening is send to you. In this way you get the job options that exactly suit your profile.

Get Interview calls Very soon !

When your profile becomes complete at our site, we spread your resume to all the recruiters in no time. So, it is almost certain that you will start getting calls from the recruiters very soon after getting registered.

Get your CV Online

After completion of registration process, your profile will be saved into our database and will be published at our site online. It will make your profile visible and noticeable to all the recruiters and will increase your chances at a great extend.

Get recommendations on your resume

It often happens that your keywords don’t match the posted jobs although your profile is same. In these cases we assist you to edit or prepare your resume according to the job openings that are frequently posted on HireGenius.

Test your caliber online

Our online skill test let you judge yourself by your performance in this test. As better your performance will be in this test, you will get the better job options. It is formatted to evaluate your candidature for the recruitment.

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